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What to Expect From a Reputable Website-design Company

First you have to decide what is the aim of your site and what you are setting out to achieve.  

Is it going to be an:

   1. e-commerce site.

   2. Educational site.

   4. News site.

   6. Personal, blog.

   7. Or some other futuristic site that is experimental.     

Whichever type of site you choose it must look good, be easy to navigate and function well. The site, after all, has to cater for its target market.  It is essential to make sure your website design covers all of these.

How do you find a good web design company?

 It is always best to view several company portfolios of e-Business sites they have previously built. Check each one for repetition, or are the websites all different? If not they they could be using just one template for all their designs. Remember businesses vary and require different solutions.

Essential Qualities for an eBusiness Website Design Company

Here is a check list:

   1. Is the company honest and trustworthy?

   2. Are they willing to work with you, as against working for you.

   3. Will they help you market your e-Business product or service?

   4. Are they interested enough to research your business?

   5. Are they savvy enough to know the best ways to promote your site.

   6. Will they keep you informed as to the progress of your site build.?

   7. Have they referrals from satisfied customers?

   8. Are they keen to see you succeed?

   9. Will they listen to your ideas and talk them through.

  10. Are they professional in their outlook?

  11. Have they the time to guide you, as your site gets built?

Remember an eBusiness website build can last for months and you must be sure before you begin, that all the design and details of your site are what you want, as its costly to change your plans half way through the build.
Your Website Design Companyshould take the time to understand how your intended business will function. They should also advise you if they know your idea for your site won't work or is just a bad idea and give you a valid explanation why.
One important requirement is to find a company that understands fully about Search Engine Optimization. It's an expensive mistake to have an eBusiness site built that is not Search Engine friendly. Its probably wise to learn a little about Search Engine Optimization for your eBusiness, so you can understand the importance of getting it right first time.
For your business to become successful and rank well with the search engines your web design company must show you well ranked sites that they have worked upon.
Clarity of purpose is important when you approach a company to design and build your site.
The bigger companies are not necessarily any better than the smaller ones especially for the smaller business or website. In fact many larger companies outsource their work to smaller companies.  Remember smaller companies have lower overheads and you will get a more personal service.

The point your website must reflect:

   1. Being a shop window for your product, or service it must ooze

   2. Your eBusiness site must act like a magnet in attracting would be buyers        

   3. It must be easy to navigate.

   4. It must be simple to understand and simple in design.

   5. It must contain great content to sell your company service or product.

The cost of using a website design company to build your site can be prohibitive. So look around and get plenty of quotes before giving up your hard earned cash. Get quotes in writing and do not rely on someones verbal promise. It is a business, so treat it like one and act professional at all times.

One extra point, do you want to manage your own eBusiness website and add content after it has been built and launched? If so, you must bear this in mind when originally planning your site.  The web designers will use a content management system that will allow you to do this. And they will have to be sure that you can operate this yourself with some training from them.

This is not as daunting as it would first appear, you are sure to make some mistakes, but that is how we all learn. And your website design company is only a phone call away.

They can only tear their hair out once!

So when contemplating having your website built by a professional company make sure you take all the points listed above into consideration before committing yourself to what could turn out to be a costly mistake if not researched properly. For more free in depth information about planning your website just click here to be taken to another page.

Remember: Good Research and Planning!

Or you could try a reputable hosting company like Site Build It. They will be well within your budget, I can guarantee that. 

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