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Web Page Layout

Organise Your Webpage Layout

Using the correct web page layout should make sure that your ebusiness visitor is shown to the right page. Now to begin the planning of your page.

But before you do ask yourself these questions:

  1 What is the user trying to accomplish by visiting my site?

  2 What will they do when viewing a particular page?

  3 Exactly what area of the web page layout will their attention be focused?

  4 How do I keep the page clean, uncluttered and inviting while still                   maintaining a quality web page layout ?

Below is a heat map image of a typical visitors search when opening a webpage.

Certain locations tend to be more successful than others. This heat map illustrates the ideal placing of quality content on a sample page layout. The colors fade from dark orange (strongest viewing) to light yellow (weakest viewing). Visitors usually focus on rich web page content and navigational areas of a page.
web page design heatmap
While this heat map is useful as a position guideline, think about visitors behavior on different pages, and what will be most useful and visible to them. You will find that the most optimal position for your web page layout content is not always what you expect from certain pages.

Link ads to the correct page: Service or Product-specific ads and keywords should link to their specific pages; generalized ads, like a product or service, should link to more general pages. Do not direct visitors to pages with search results.

Reflect your ad title: Repeat the headline or title of your ad on your landing page this will reassure your ebusiness customers that they have been directed to the correct page.

Selling points must be visible: Like compelling prices, special offers or special delivery options, a customer will want to see these on your site. Your selling points must be clearly labeled on your web page layout landing page.

Your homepage has to convey to the visitor in one glance that you have what they need.

Reaffirm your brand and the purpose of your site: Reassure your visitor that they have come to the right site display your brand Logo and any unique selling points in your web page layout. No long introductions, because customers will get this information from the about us page.

Experiment and find your best page layout: You must have a clean and easy to understand homepage which is not cluttered and has all relevant information, about your site and products, available at the top of the page.

Do a test on products: Repeat any offers promoted in your offline advertising, and let customers know of any not to be missed deals. Profitable, popular or seasonal products should be shown on your homepage.

You will want visitors to look beyond your homepage, so make it easy to navigate and make sure they do not get lost. The route on where to navigate too, should be made clear and simple with clearly marked nav-bars with either top/side navigation, and/or product links.


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