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What Makes Great Web Page Content?

How do you create ebusiness web page content? If you set out to write a novel, how would you, keep your readers spellbound and not let them stop until they have finished your book?  If you bake a cake, how would you combine all the right ingredients to make the perfect cake mix?

Have you ever stopped to think what makes the best selling book you are reading so magnetic to your senses, or the cake you are eating, so tasty, that you want more? Let us break it down some more

We will begin with grammar. Does it have to be perfect to keep your attention? No, it does not, but it helps you to read the story in an understandable way and keep your mind flowing through well written and constructed sentences with well chosen words.

What about spelling?  Yes that does help, because you can understand the whole of the story better, without wondering what the author meant by a inserting a strange word, that has been spelt wrong, and does not fit the flow of the sentence.

Now let us consider how the structure of each sentence affects the interest in the story.  Now we are getting closer to the idea of creating great web page content. When a professional author writes a fiction book, he, or she weaves the words of a sentence in such a way that it compels you to want more.

So let us go back to the theme of the novel. The whole of the book is composed of thousands of words structured in such a way that unfolds the theme of the novel and at the same time holds you spell-bound with the content.

Now you have to do the same with your great web page content, for your web pages by creating a theme and telling the story of the theme in such away as to make your audience greedy for more.  After all we are all searching for something when we surf the internet, be it knowledge, advice, news, or the latest invention that will make our lives easier and earn more money.

Let us look at the list of content ideas you have to cover.

There is one visitor we must never forget and that is the search engines that come looking for your ebusiness keywords and links. So make sure that your web page content ingredients provide the spiders with plenty of these without keyword stuffing.

Satisfying both of these needs careful planning.  With an eye on what type of web page content both want, you can overcome this problem very easily. Think about everytime you search for a product or service. What do you expect from a website and what are the ingredients of a site that makes you want to stay, or even buy a product?

Most people who surf the net never actually think about this important subject, but you will and you will become savvy at
writing great content
for your website

It is a great idea to research other websites and make notes of the ones whose webpage ingredients  grab your interest. What makes them different from all of the other mundane sites?  Keep searching until you come up with some answers. Then carefully weave them into your own ebusiness website and create that great web page content. It might take you a while, but it will more than pay for the time and effort.

Never forget to update your content regularly and keep it fresh both for your visitors and the search engines. Stale web page content is like stale bread nobody wants it.

Now the new kid on the block has changed from content is King, to  content is Money, it is that important if you run a business.


Good writing is something everyone can master. Maybe you will not be an award winning novelist, but you can learn correct grammer, spelling and sentence construction if you want to. Read the editorial content of newspapers and see how the words the editor uses quicky conveys an important message with mimimal wasted words.
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