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Using Text Hyperlinks 

Clear Hyperlinks Increase Conversions.

On this page are different colored words almost as if they could be text hyperlinks. See if you can spot the correct ones and notice just how confusing they can be. When you drive your car and you approach a junction where traffic lights are installed, you know  red is for stop green is for go. It is easy when you have a standard color code for everything.
traffic light hyperlink color
red traffic light hyperlink color
Do you realize just how important clearly defined hyperlinks are to the success of your site? Because having badly defined ones can affect your conversion rate!

If you do not believe me. Then just visit some websites at random and see if you can spot any problems on each website where text hyperlinks are not defined properly.

Some time ago ebusiness hyper links were easy to recognize; they had blue underlined text. Today there does not seem to be any conformity.  Looking for them on some sites, is like looking for the missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle.

Clearly Defined Hyperlinking Definitely Inspires Confidence

Using them as tools give many older people and surfers more confidence when they are clearly marked. There is a danger that if these people become confused with your text-links then they are likely to leave your site in a hurry.

Be consistent. Make sure that all your text hyperlinks look and behave the same, 100% of the time if you do not then you can undermine your trust and create uncertainty.

Distinct. Text hyperlinks must convey a different format than conventional text. Make sure your text hyperlinks work the same throughout your site. These include: font, text weight, colors, hover behaviors, visited/unvisited state and size, although sizes can vary .

Create a defined structure throughout your site to make it easy for visitors to instantly identify a live-link either visually, or otherwise without having to move a mouse over the it.

Some places to display your ebusiness-hyperlinks. Place one at the end of a sentence and use a words such as: want to know more, click here, move to, watch, details, subscribe, sign up.

Along with a graphic, and displaying a button, make sure you put a text hyperlink, there as well.

Next, make your live words do more:
  1. Use eBusiness Hyperlinking to build credibility by using them to substantiate claims.  If you have proof of your claims, then visitors are more likely to trust you.

  2. Stimulate people into clicking. Make sure your text hyperlinks give the full benefits to them by clicking on your chosen text, and you will get more clicks.

  3. Give assurances, by using text to indicate the value of your live-link to the user.

  4. Give detailed information and help visitors understand the details of your privacy policy, trading terms,and cash returns, etc.

  5. Always begin text hyperlinks with active verbs to compel clicks: buy, learn, visit, view, subscribe.

  6. Make clear all acronyms and phraseology by joining to descriptive  terminology.

  7. Make sure you explain clearly just what the link connects to: another page, video, pdf document, downloads or images.

  8. All off site content should open in a new window. If a video is running, try to insure that clicking on a linked word does not halt the video.

  9. Been there. If your text hyperlinks indicate that a link has been clicked on, it makes it easier for visitors to return to important content.

Visited links also serve to welcome visitors back. When there is a longer list of link choices, the ones showing that they have been visited and have not reviewed. The common method is to slightly fade the visited text button, such as a weaker color for a visited one. Text Hyperlinks (PDF Download) are what makes the web work. It is essential to make them easy to identify  if you wish to provide a smooth flowing site.

Did you spot any?

Below is the default colors for the four basic states of a visited and not visited live text.

Unvisited    The user has not visited the target .
Visited         The user has visited the target .
Hover          The  mouse pointer is currently hovering over the live text.
Active          The hyperlink is currently being activated (by clicking on it).

 Now you can see why it  is important to have some consistency.

The basic hyperlink is created as follows using html:

<a href="https://www.simple-ebusiness-traffic-solutions.com/index">Find the home page</a>

redrose hyperlinks

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