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Business Keyword Optimisation is used to find, words and phrases that people type into their browser window, when looking for information on a certain topic. Both online and offline Business' Keywords and keyphrases are the words used on your site that match as near as possible to the search terms used.

Before you do any type of Search Engine Marketing, you have to understand your target audience and discover the search terms they use. Knowing the search terms used, these can be included in the content of your Web site, as related keywords and key phrases to help gain vital approval from the search engines.

One good way to understand the value of your eBusiness keywords is to, do some lateral thinking keyword optimisation, and assume that it is you searching for the products, or service you are promoting on your website. This always a good way to see where you are going wrong.

Remember the most profitable keywords will not necessarily have the most search volume. These are often buried deep inside the keyword lists. It is best to begin with a list of one thousand keywords. So you need a way of sorting and filtering out all these important keywords for your ebusiness site.

Also you need to know what keywords your main competitor sites are using and evaluate all of these. I find that ordinary keyword tools don't give us all this important information. However, there are two Keyword Tools which will give you all these options and more. First you can try a reliable quality  Free Keyword Tool for sourcing and delivering your most profitable keywords.

The Tool will help you plan, design, and build your website around your important eBusiness keywords. Every serious business needs to use the right keywords, right from the start, for most profitability. As business owners, that is what we are all searching for.

When deciding your strategy for implementing the correct keywords to use on your e-business website, you must have in mind your target audience, as they will take an active role in deciding the selection of your site. If you target the younger surfer then the key words or phrases should be trendy, stylish and up to the minute. This type of targeting will vary from country to country and area to area. By simply using these easily applied methods should help to intensify your SEO marketing strategy and show positive effective results by bring more traffic to your site.

Ask yourself what would be the main, or related words that you would use to search for your particular product or service. Be ruthless and do not favor one ebusiness keyword against another just because it means deleting it from your original list. When you have finished your keyword optimisation     check them out by using the Keyword Country keyword tool.

Here is a breakdown of what you need to do:

1. Construct a complete list of keywords related to your subject by using keyword optimisation.

2. Do a thorough keyword search on Market Samurai, which will give you a greater choice of alternative words.

3. From your list analyse the top related keywords.

4. Thoroughly search competitor sites for more keyword suggestions and their keyword density.

The aim of this exercise is to establish what words, or combination of keywords, people enter into their browsers when searching for your ebusiness/business product or service. If you can identify the ones that are the most used by your competitors by using keyword optimisation, then you are heading in the right direction.

Remember that heavy demand for compatable search engine keywords means heavy demand for the product they describe. This brings a problem, because heavy competition means more difficulty in gaining entry to this type of market. 
But if with the help of Keyword Country you can crack  the heavy competition market then you can achieve greater success.

When you are deciding your list of keywords, from your keyword optimisation, remember to look for any negative ones. These are the ones, that by themselves, are weak or have alternative meanings.  However these can be used successfully in a combination of  other words to further the original keywords intended meaning.

Another problem most people have with keywords, is how many times a keyword or phrase is entered on a e-Business web page compared to the total number of words on the page. This is called keyword density and can be used as a factor to determine whether a web page has relevance to a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

One final point, remember to spell check on all your eBusiness or business keywords and keyword phrases when writing your webpage content. If you are unsure then consider some brilliant writing software from Whitesmoke, it literally takes all if not most of the the headaches from your writing. (see the panel at the righthand side.)  It would be pity to miss being given a good page ranking by the search engine spiders just because of poor content or a spelling mistake.


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