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Inbound Links

How do you build quality inbound links?

Inbound Links are links from pages on external sites, which link back to your site. Back Links, as they are sometimes called, bring many new visitors to your website. However, the type of link affects the rating of the website, if they are randomly chosen, they are one of the important things search engines will like about the importance of your site.

There are other types of links:
  • Reciprocal links. These are links from other similar websites to yours who have agreed to exchange links with you.

  • Return links. Again these are links that have some bearing on your theme and as in reciprocal links they swop because they like your website and think it will only help them achieve a higher ranking in the search engines.

Other factors include analysis of your sites content and its relevant location. It is proven that now, inbound links have a very positive effect on your final Page Ranking. Quality links often come naturally to sites with compelling content or offering an original service, as in reciprocal linking.

Having return relationships from other quality and similar content websites to yours is a critical part of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

The general rule is that the more associates you can obtain, the better for your website. Getting more should be the first priority when setting out to optimize your site.

Always make sure the links on your site are clearly marked with the right color and obvious as being live . It often saves people leaving your site through frustration at not being able to tell which are the correct links.

  1. Search engine robots track links between websites thus the more inbound ones you show,  the more robots will want to visit your site.

  2. Many search engines recognize quality inbound links to your site as showing that your website is of high quality.

  3. Page Rank is Googles system of counting links so make them CLEAR for everyone to know what they are (by using the right colors) including visitors and search engines.

So how do you increase quality-based inbound links?

Magnetise the content on your site.

  1. Start blogging: make videos, do original research, and post interesting stuff on a regular basis. If you have; a passion for the topic of your site, there are many great methods and ways to engage users.

  2. Show readers new methods, research news events on your subject, remember to make it pleasurable or deeply knowledgeable.

  3. Expose your expertise, by interviewing personalities in your subject and make sure you highlight what makes them tick.

  4. Post blogs and user reviews related to your topic. Offer your knowledgeable perspective to the community.

  5. Provide a useful product or service. If visitors to your site get value from what you provide, they're more likely to link to you.

  6. List your website in directories to gain valuable connections

  7. Contact other websites with similar themes to yours and ask for a reciprocal link.

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Compose web pages with plenty of Umph! to learn about others interested in your site. Expand the web community by figuring out who associates to you and how they are connecting. You may have new audiences or area you did not realize were interested in your niche.

Remember never use mass link-begging; no one likes form letters, and few webmasters of quality sites will respond to such ways of working.

You can use search engines to find out how many times you connect. With Google, which only returns a selection of inbound links, simply enter the word link: followed by your URL, to see a list of all websites which contain a link to your site.

Other search engines have the same feature and may provide more comprehensive results. Just visit your favorite search engine and look for Advanced Search Options for more information.

Its all part of search engine optimisation to get the search engines to notice your site by building at least a few inbound links. Search Engines rank your popularity with the number of quality attachments. Spending time on attaining genuine connections will give you vastly better search results.

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