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Your eBusiness Profit and Loss Spreadsheet

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The whole idea behind an ebusiness profit and loss spreadsheet is so that you, your partners or financial backers can easily and instantly access the information about your business.

When beginning to plan an ebusiness spreadsheet always think about the many stages of a business that are require a simple explanation to anyone outside, like Banks and Partners who will need to understand the complete financial structure as well as the overall planning of your intended business.

A spreadsheet in its simplest form is data displayed in rows and columns. So you can see immediately whatever pertinent information you require on any particular subject and in the process make it easier to store, organize, and analyze the information.

The main computerized spreadsheet applications are
Lotus 1-2-3
Calc Open Office
Google Spreadsheets.
These use a number of built in features and tools, such as functions, formulas, charts, and data analysis tools.

When you have to, design a workable ebusiness profit and loss spreadsheet it is always best to work backwards from the end result, so that you can decide what particular data you need to have there.

There are two kinds of spreadsheets - One which contains data like inventories and payroll calculations, and one which summarizes the state of  your business at a particular moment in time.

First you have to decide what is this spreadsheet for?  What information  and questions will it give the answers to? Don't ever think that your business is too small to make use of a spreadsheet, and its not as difficult as people think to use them.

You can use the spreadsheet to give you any information about your business at any one time. This is useful for keeping an eye on total sales, Pricing, and Stocking, ect.

It is important to maintain a good design layout for your ebusiness profit and loss spreadsheet including making to easy to enter information. The size of the spreadsheet is important for viewing on a computer screen. Also your may wish to print your spreadsheet at some point and will it fit the printed page? Will it be flexible enough to  add data at a later date without upsetting the overall appearance.

A spreadsheet is a valuable tool for small or large business giving accurate information as to the state of your business. Everyone should take the time to acquaint themselves with this indispensable piece of data gathering.  

Below is a link to a business planning document you can study it if you are intending starting you own business.

It gives general information about the different aspects of starting a business although some parts may be for larger concerns it will give you the general idea.

A good example of a spreadsheet, which can be used by virtually any business for their record keeping.
profit and loss spreadsheet


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