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Your eBusiness Heading Style

The Vital Element of The Correct Headline

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Your ebusiness heading style is what someone (including the search engines who are there to index file your webpage) sees when they visit your website. What does it communicate to your visitor about  the different aspects of your business? When you visit a website for the first time, what single thing would help to give you a good first impression?

Lets compare visiting a website to a simple thing like receiving a letter through the mail. How often have you picked up the mail and noticed an envelope that stands out from all the others. There is something about the color and the quality of the envelope that intrigues you. You have no idea who it is from, but for some unexplained reason you do not care.

Normally you would tear open the envelope with your bare hands, but this one needs to be opened properly, so you reach for a knife and slit it open the correct way. You carefully extract whats inside and as you unfold the letter and read the first part you can feel the quality of the paper used. It is addressed to you personally, using your christian name.

You begin to read and as the letter unfolds it is as if you are being told a story especially written for your ears. Although deep down you know it is really a sales pitch, the way it has been done is not threatening, pushing, or demanding, and you can return the product within thirty days if you are not completely satisfied.

In the use of offline direct mail marketing, the over all look and feel of the letter is the first thing you notice. Such as quality of the envelope, correct name and spelling, the correct address and zip code, how the printed name and address are arranged on the front of the envelope.

What makes the letter even more personal is the picture of the person who has mailed this letter to you and also there is full contact details with an address, and a telephone number if you want to speak to someone personally.

Every thing about this letter makes you feel satisfied that you can trust this person, or firm. There is nothing hidden that would automatically raise your suspicions.

However if the envelope looks cheap and as if it has been mass produced with blotched ink, spelling mistakes, formal addressing. Then you become suspicious and you will tend to throw it straight in to the trash.

Now let us get back to your ebusiness website. What do you think is the first thing that people would see when they visit your site besides the obvious? Like design, color, layout and navigation. Of course, it is your ebusiness heading style. Every one notices the Ebusiness headline, that is what it is there for.

The headline is a vital component of the sales copy, in an attempt to get the readers attention and make them want more and its the first thing search engines see when Search Engines Index.  Usually the ebusiness heading style will make the customer decide within a fraction of a second, whether they will stay and want to know more.

And that is true, regardless if the letter is targeted, the copy is the best available, and the offer is unbelievable. That is why the envelope, the address label, the fonts, the quality of the letter, and any freebies such as inserts, gifts, etc, even the overall appearance, are all elements that often precede that all-important headline.

Your Website.

Just like the letter you thought was personally for you, so must your website give that impression to your online visitors. It is more than just the look of your website. It is also how it makes you visitors feel when they view your website for the first time and see your ebusiness heading style. This is an important point and one you cannot ignore.

People quickly make an unconscious decision when they visit your website based on a variety of things. But overall your ebusiness headline, is the first element to be read and the most important element in copy.

But when people click on a link or visit an ebusiness website, they immediately notice the ebusiness heading style. If you have managed to keep them there to this point, then and that is when the headline is important.

Online, there are no mailboxes, no envelopes to open, and no unfolding before reading it. The sales message and the headline are in their line of sight.

So when deciding on your ebusiness headline give it some thought, and see it from the point of view of your visitors. Does it capture your interest, does it grab your attention, is it slightly mysterious in its meaning?


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