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Selling a Business Product

Selling Your Service 

Choosing which service or retail business product to stock and sell in your online or offline store has to be researched as carefully as you would when choosing your website domain name. It is not a good idea to just sell the first product you can think of. You have to research what people are wanting and what keywords are reasonably popular for your chosen product or service.

Like everything in business you have to have a plan. Maybe you are thinking, "I do not need one," I can even hear  you sighing, no its not as bad as it first seems. You plan when you go on a vacation, when you throw a party you plan that as well, so what is so difficult in planning which type of business product or service to promote

Your retail product or Service Plan must fully describe your ebusiness service or product, and emphasize the benefits to your potential and current customers. Never tell your readers which 999 types of tea you carry in your "One Thousand World Teas" shop. Instead explain to them why busy, two-career orientated couples prefer shopping in a fully service-oriented store that records clients' like and dislikes and caters for the smallest parties at short notice.

Place all the emphasis on the areas where you know you have an advantage over the competition. In your service plan identify the niche in your target market for which your service or specific business product can provide a definite solution.

Now for the parties that have a vested interest in your business product or service.

Everyone knows that trust is always important between interested parties, so give your Bank or Partners evidence that people, will be willing to pay for your solution. Also list your company's services and products and attach any marketing/promotional materials. Provide details of suppliers, and availability of service or product, including service or retail product costs. Include information about new services or products which you intend adding to the company's inventory.

In addition this section should include:
  1. A detailed description of your ebusiness service or business product (from your customers' perspective). Include information about the specific benefits of your product or service. Also list your product/service's ability to meet consumer needs, and the many advantages your product has over that of the competition. Show the present development stage your business product is at.

  2. Information related to your ebusiness service or product's life expectancy. Be sure to include information about what stage your product or service is in its life cycle, as well as any factors that may influence its cycle in the future.

  3. Include copyright, patent, and trade secret information that may be relevant. You also  need to include information related to existing, pending, or anticipated copyright and patent filings along with any key characteristics of your products/services that you cannot obtain a copyright or patent for.

  4. Incorporate key aspects of your ebusiness products/services that may be classified as trade secrets. Be sure to show information about existing legal agreements, such as non-disclosure or non-compete agreements.

  5. Do include any research and development activities you are involved in or are planning. R&D activities would include any in-process or future activities related to the development of new products/services  

This section should include information about the results of future Research & Development  activities. Be sure to analyze the R&D efforts of not only your own ebusiness, or business product but also that of others in your industry

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How Important is The Appearance of Your Shop Front?
When you open a shop, remember to think like a customer. You are walking along the high street and you see an attractive looking shop and as you draw nearer you realise from the window display that it is selling the type of product you are looking for. Ask yourself this, if the shop front had not been attractive to you, would you have even stopped to look? Like a moth attracted to a bright light, so we are attracted to things and objects that stir the agreeable parts of our brains. Remember this when you are planning your shop, it is the first line of attraction for your customer. So get it right, and don't cut corners.

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