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The Only Small Business Name You Need

Getting the exact business name to create the right impression for your business or service.

You have decided to start a small business and you are excited. But you have not really thought about your businesses name. You have visions of grandeur as your see your business name up in lights, on every street corner and its so famous it is on every persons lips.

Hey hang on it's not as easy as that, unless you have millions to spend on developing a brand name. To begin, choosing a name for your business is a creative and enjoyable process. It is also one that you need to get right first time. Remember this it is not only about you, your intended customers may infer a lot from your ebusiness title and first impressions always count.

Deciding on a business name means first asking yourself, what is my business all about? Maybe you will initially may want to focus on personal preference. However, remember this is business and you will need an objective approach, which will enable you to consider the customer first.

Your business name will be the golden nugget of your brand. It should work well in all situations. On the phone, in your logo, signage, stationery, advertisements, website, uniforms and any other media you plan to use to reach the market.  

Key Elements to help you decide.

  1. Do you want the name to describe the nature of your business - Electrical, Jewelry, Framing, Moving, Street cleaning, Building, Tarmacadam Contractor?  Or maybe something a little less heavy might be more suitable?

  2. Would it be a good idea to include your own name, or a family name?

  3. Do you want a solid traditional name, conveying dependability, durability and old-fashioned values, or a modern name, suggesting a fresh, innovative approach?

  4. It’s good idea to consider future trends and  avoid words or phrases that will date quickly.

  5. If you intend trading overseas, check that the name you have chosen doesn't have another derogatory meaning in another relevant language and that it can be easily read and pronounced.

  6. Then there is your customers. It is always best to avoid long names, unusual and strange sounding words, including any unusual spelling. If you are planning to advertise in trade directories such as the Yellow Pages, think about using a name that appears near the beginning of the alphabet, it will help to ensure an early entry.

  7. If you are focusing on the local market for your product or service, think about using the name of the city or town in the name.

Keep your trading name creative, but your corporate name bland. This will give you the flexibility to develop other brands and trading names in the future.

Is anyone else using your proposed business name?

Before you decide to use your chosen name, it makes sense to check whether it is already being used.

If a sole ebusiness or business trader at the other end of the country is using it, there may not be a problem. However, if another local business or a national firm is using it, you should must choose a different name.

Check local phone books, business directories and the internet. Check that your proposed name, or something similar, has not been registered by any other company.

Research and check that your name isn't too similar to another word or expression that has been previously been registered as a trade mark.

There are rules that might affect your choice of a name.

People operating as sole business owners, or in general partnerships can trade under their own names, or choose different small business names, as long as they do not infringe another person or companies trade mark.

  1. If you decide to use your chosen small business names, there are a few rules to bear in mind.

  2. It must not be insulting.

  3. It must not include the terms public limited company, limited liability partnership.

  4. It must not contain sensitive words and expressions, unless you have obtained permission to use them.

It is always best to inquire with your local government business agency as to the rules applying to your particular country.

It would be a pity to get to the very end and only to find you cannot use your chosen name and have to start all over again. Always check and double check after all its business and you will have enough stress to cope with when your business begins to roll.

The above information applies mainly to small businesses and sole traders.

Remember to register your name with the necessary government authorities: Taxation, Rates, ect.  

Choosing your ebusiness or business name covers a huge subject including the legalities involved, so choose your name carefully and wisely and you will, have a better chance of becoming successful.

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