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Ways of attracting customers to your website?

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There is an old saying that "Nothing is ever totally free"
everything has some cost attached to it. Like giving your valuable time and effort. So how do you begin the process of attracting quality ebusiness traffic to your website, or business? If you have thousands of $/Dollars to spend on advertising, then you definately have a head start. However, many forms of paid advertising are a waste of time, and don't bring in the returns on the amount invested.

So what are the methods that will work for work ?
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When you run an offline shop, or business, you have a physical presence and people can either see your shop, or business listed in the local telephone directory, or view it on a street. However, online nobody knows you are there if you do not tell them. You run your ebusiness in a virtually blind situation, where there are thousands of stores like yours, and most probably selling the same, or similar products to you.

The only way people will know about you and your website is when they see your domain name on a browsers search engine page. But with all that competition there is little chance of being seen on the first page of each search engine. There are better, cheaper ways of making you ebusiness stand out and be noticed, than buying expensive untested advertising.

And that is what this website is all about. With most people, start up business budgets are usually tight. However, there is a way of applying good old fashioned common sense, that you can learn and implement this system.

Remember this is not an overnight get rich technique, but a solid dependable solution for quickly building online ebusiness traffic and making an income You can even provide a service, which is what setting up a Business, whether it be online, or offline, is all about.

You may think that your ebusiness website is the best thing since sliced bread was invented and have brilliant content on your pages. Your products may be to die for, but attracting customers, or targeted eBusiness traffic to your online, or offline store is a totally different business strategy, and one you have to solve before you can create any kind of success.


Focusing on one particular traffic method is the best way to go until you see some success. If you don't you will suffer from overload and never really acomplish what you set out to do. Take your time to make a list of your business prioroties and always remember to focus on the most urgent and important need of developing your business.

Building ebusiness traffic is a slow steady process so before we move on, here is a list of some of the important tools you need to begin attracting customers to your Website.

    A well researched product, or service after doing research on your niche, to sell and promote; including a well thought out plan for your eBusiness.

    A well planned and designed website with e-mail and autoresponder and the right keyword rich, domain name, for your enterprise.

    Information and knowledge, on how to administer your own website and the right kind of help and advice if things go wrong, which they inevitably do.

    The right mindset and determination to succeed, no matter what, including how to optimize your eBusiness product, or service and make it desirable.

    Quality information to use as a point of reference, for showing you how to attract traffic with minimal effort and cost. Remember without eBusiness traffic, your commercial enterprise is going to struggle and die. So research your subject thoroughly before you begin and take it one step at a time.

The eBusiness-blog
The eBusiness and Business Blog that gives you the insider knowledge to build a Website, create Customer traffic and generally expand your online and offline marketing experience.

There will always be niches, the problem is finding them. Many people try too hard to come up with a slot, or method of being different.

Always make sure you have a quality anti virus software installed. Never cut corners on this, it is better to be safe now than sorry afterward


Its important to research your market and the type of customers, who will be interested in your ebusiness product, or service.

Whichever type of site you choose it must look good, be easy to navigate and function well. The site, after all, has to cater for its target market.  It is essential to make sure your website design covers all of these.

Your website-hosting.
Your first priority is to choose a trustworthy, affordable hosting provider.

Many people have dreams about beginning a profitable homebased business they can run from comfort of their home.

How do you go about estimating and requesting the amount of eBusiness Money you will need to start or expand your business?

Product plans
You have to research what people are wanting and what keywords are reasonably popular for your chosen product or service.

Your target-market
The type of product or service you are promoting will always influence the choice of market you are aiming for.

Your heading-style
What does it communicate to your visitor about  the different aspects of your business?

Golden Keywords
The problem is how to use keyword research to find those golden Keywords

First it is advisable, as an affiliate, to have a fully functional website. designed specially for trading as an affiliate Business.

Inbound Links are links from pages on external sites, which link back to your site.

Using the correct web page layout  should make sure that your ebusiness visitor is shown to the right page.

About Me
My name is Ian Nicholson of, Business and eBusiness solutions for online success.

We Invite you to contact us, your thoughts and comments
are extremely important for improving our service to you.


In our privacy policy we recognize that your privacy is important and we at eBusiness Traffic Solutions take our responsibilities to you very seriously.

The materials contained on this eBusiness website are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal or other professional advice on any subject matter.

This affiliate disclaimer explains how Simple-eBusiness-Traffic-Solutions.com receive commissions from various businesses with links on this website, classed as affiliate links.


I'm Ian Nicholson.
A websites greatest asset is its customers email address list. How often have I heard these words, or seen them quoted on a marketing website. This is all well and good if you have a sound list of reliable webaddresses. Our websites aim is to show you ways of how to go about building a list of quality potential customer e-mail addresses.
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We have two free ebooks for you to download, as a bonus to our "eBusiness News Report." "Choosing Your Niche" and a sixty five page ebook."A Brief Guide to Starting a Homebased Business."

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